> Phone Support

Great phone service is one the pillars of a successful business. Your potential customers being able to reach you, ask questions, and then sign a deal and walk away happy, as well as you being able to reach out to them is absolutely essential for growth.

But this creates a problem where you may become the victim of your own success. As your business grows and you expand, the need arises to maintain a larger and larger staff, all for the purpose of sitting on phone and answering what is most of the time simple and repetitive questions about prices and package details. Not only that, you also need to train your staff and supply them with equipment. This decreases the productivity of your employees, as they could have instead been diverted to working on vital tasks, while at the same time piling up significant costs.

This is where we come in!

We’re a company with over 10 years of experience in the technical support and customer service fields. Leave the hiring and training to us, save costs and have your staff focus on the important tasks, while we make sure that your clients get the information they need and leave 100% satisfied. We genuinely love doing what we do and we do it pretty damn well!

We offer service for inbound, outbound as well as feedback calls. We can can accommodate any schedule you prefer up to 24 hours, 7 days a week no matter where you are! We have our own equipment and software, but we’re perfectly fine with using whatever you might prefer and provide.