Welcome to Room22

We know the true meaning of good customer service.


You’re greeted with a warm smile and just as warm a cup of coffee, then welcomed into the comfort of the coziest armchair. As you sit back, relax, and breath in the strong intoxicating aroma, you feel as if you’re visiting, perhaps, a good old friend, rather than a potential business partner.

Place of power

The place itself seems to pulsate with energy. Tasks are added and erased from a large whiteboard, stretched across one of the cream-white walls; calls fill the room with an electric buzz, and coffee and tea seems to be in constant flow.

Years of experience and self-improvement

Brief, self-improvised conferences occasionally spring up bringing everyone in sync. A sense of unity and cohesion, a deliberateness to what’s being done permeates through and through.

Based in our cozy office in Kharkiv, Ukraine, we go back all the way to 2009, when we began offering Level 1 Technical support services.

This turned out to be a success, and we decided to expand by opening a new Marketing department in 2012 followed by another expansion in 2015.

Best possible offer you could ever imagine

We’ve grown considerably in experience and expertise since then and today we help businesses all across the world to outsource their vital business processes, offering a wide range of services in marketing, design and customer service.

We’re a young, energetic, ambitious team of experts who love a challenge and we’re eager to start working with you!

So what do you say, shall we do business?